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Sleep Helps Detoxify the Brain – Journal Science


Animal research indicates that the brain uses sleep to remove metabolic waste products, including those linked to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia as reported in the journal Science. Sleep is vital and the data keeps coming in to back it up.

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What Drives Winning – It’s About Character


Brett Ledbetter talk at TEDx GatewayArch summarizes the findings of interviews with 15 top basketball coaches.  Between these coaches they have 8,700 wins, 200 conference championships, and 21 national championships.  Watch this 6 minutes and 25 seconds talk now. Results

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Stop Killing Your Credibility: 3 Tips |

Here are three ways you can build and maintain your credibility for the long haul. 1. Stop speaking in “absolutes” The older I get the more I realize that there are few things in life that are definitive. I admire

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Words Can Change Your Brain – Literally


Many of us have been saying that it matters what you say to yourself and the authors of “Words Can Change Your Brain”, write that it literally changes your physical brain.  Andrew Newberg, MD and Mark Robert Waldman. You can

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Effective Communication: Reminders


You can help your teammates play better by saying what could be done to next.  Timing matters – give reminders beforehand rather than complaining about it after the fact.  In this video Coach Dena Evans of Point Guard College explains

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